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Nepal Public Health Students' Society (NPHSS) is a student based organization controlled and administered by public health students of IOM. It was established in 1988 AD. Since then it has been advocating health issues and creating awareness through its different public health activities involving youth and energetic students of IOM. NPHSS organizes different programs in various occasions with the aim of creating feeling of responsibility in each student and to initiate them to contribute in the field of public health. Secreteriat of NPHSS is located at MOHEGO Building, Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu.


NPHSS is established to promote the common interest of public health students, strengthen this discipline and to coordinate the efforts of students, faculties and public health professionals for a healthy nation.


NPHSS will provide a platform to the public health students in making significant contribution in achieving better health status of Nepalese citizens. Its actions will aim to generate a degree of professionalism among the public health students.


Activities of NPHSS will be guided by the following objectives:

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